What Happens When You Get All The Rubber Bands In Bully?

What happens when you finish all classes in Bully?

Any class that you have finished, you will no longer be required to go to, therefore you will not be truant.

Finish all of them, and you will never be truant again..

How do you get 100% on bully?

Achieving 100% CompletionComplete all 52 Story Missions.Complete all 16 Side Missions (24 Missions in Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition)Complete 41 Errands (out of 50)Complete all classes to level 5 (6 classes in Bully, 10 classes in Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition)Collect all 75 Rubber Bands.More items…

How many classes are in Bully?

8 classesThere are currently 8 classes, Biology, Art, Shop, Photography, English, Math, Chemistry, And Gym. All of them reward Jimmy with merchandise after completion, or perks that will help him in the game.

Where are the rubber bands in Bully?

The rubber band is just around the corner, beside the boys dorm’s building. When you enter the boys dorm, turn left. The rubber band is at the end of the hallway on the floor, beside the couch. When you pass under the archway into the girls dorm’s yard, turn left.

Can you play bully after you beat it?

Its NOT going to be winter once in the entire game, the game is still going to go on. And what’s with this talk about the “last mission” you dont even know what the last mission IS. The mission wont matter, the game is STILL going to play no matter what. The coding in the mission is the mission itself.

Can you retake classes in Bully?

After the last storyline mission of the game is completed, Jimmy is reinstated into the Academy and classes can once again be taken like normal. Once a class is passed, the orange bell on the minimap will turn grey, signifying that the class may be skipped without incurring a truancy violation.

What causes rubber bands to deteriorate?

The primary agents that cause rubber and plastics to deteriorate are radiation, high humidity, high temperature, oxygen and pollutant gases, and stress and other direct physical forces.

What does a rubber band symbolize?

Rubber – The dream symbol of rubber indicates resilience and the ability to bounce back from adversity. A rubber band symbolizes something that holds two things together, allowing them to move apart but always pulling them back together, gently or forcefully depending on how far it was stretched to begin with.

How long does bully take to beat?

All StylesSingle-PlayerPolledAverageMain Story17114h 28mMain + Extras23619h 56mCompletionists8828h 06mAll PlayStyles49519h 30m

What happens when you collect all G&G cards in Bully?

G&G Cards. … The cards are scattered all over Bullworth. They are hidden in Bully, but in Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition, passing Geography 3 reveals their location on the map. Collecting them all earns Jimmy the Grotto Master Outfit.

Are there cheat codes for Bully?

Bully PS2 Cheat Codes You can enter cheats at any time while playing, but the controller must be plugged into the second port for the cheats to work properly. Hold L1, then press up, left, down, down, triangle, square, X, X. Hold L1, then press up, left, down, right, triangle, square, X, circle.

Will Rockstar make Bully 2?

Bully 2 Development Has Allegedly Ceased, Game Scrapped A sequel to the open-world game Bully was apparently in the works but scrapped after over a year of development. … The team at Rockstar New England was eventually moved to other projects and the Bully 2 sequel was abandoned.