Quick Answer: What Does It Mean To Not Be Subtle?

What is the opposite subtle?

unstudied, undiscerning, sloppy, indifferent, simpleminded, unperceptive, trusting, hard, forthright, crude, second-rate, common, direct, inexact, slipshod, careless, incautious, harsh, indefinite, impressionable, unworldly, ordinary, honest, ignorant, unconcealed, run-of-the-mill, public, frank, heedless, unvarnished, ….

What does a subtle soul mean?

difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze. “his whole attitude had undergone a subtle change”; “a subtle difference”; “that elusive thing the soul” subtle(adj) able to make fine distinctions.

Is subtle a positive word?

Subtle is neutral. You might describe an argument or a solution to be subtle – meaning it’s not obvious – but I wouldn’t say the word put a particular bias on it.

How do you use the word subtle?

Subtle sentence examplesIt was a subtle shade of gray. … Xander saw the subtle signal Damian gave his brother. … Everything in the room radiated some sort of subtle energy, and she waded through the energies, marveling and confused by them. … There were subtle differences between the parties regarding living wills. … The dish was subtle in flavor.More items…

What does it mean when a person is subtle?

A subtle person cleverly uses indirect methods to achieve something. I even began to exploit him in subtle ways. Synonyms: crafty, cunning, sly, designing More Synonyms of subtle.

What does not subtle mean?

To be “not so subtle” is to be less subtle/inconspicuous/not obvious as something else, though what that something else is is often not actually stated.