Quick Answer: What Does It Mean To Look Stately?

What does elegant mean in English?


tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design, etc.: elegant furnishings.

gracefully refined and dignified, as in tastes, habits, or literary style: an elegant young gentleman; an elegant prosodist..

How do I become stately?

To be stately is to appear noble and impressive, almost in a larger than life kind of way. You may encounter a stately gentleman or a stately statue. If you do, take a little bow. There are a few meanings of stately, but they both refer to people and things that have an impressive bearing.

What is a stately home?

A stately home is a very large old house, especially one that people can pay to visit. [mainly British] Synonyms: mansion, hall, palace, château More Synonyms of stately home.

What does stately mean in a sentence?

The definition of stately is someone or something with a majestic and dignified manner. A large and impressive house is an example of something that would be described as stately. adjective. 0. 0.

Is Stately a word?

adjective, state·li·er, state·li·est. majestic; imposing in magnificence, elegance, etc.: a stately home.

What does beguiling mean?

adjective. having the power to charm or divert the attention; intriguing: a beguiling smile.

What is the meaning of brooding?

1 : moodily or sullenly thoughtful or serious a brooding genius a brooding, embittered man. 2 : darkly somber a brooding landscape a quiet, brooding atmosphere …

What does saintly mean?

: relating to, resembling, or befitting a saint : holy.

What does saintly days of yore mean?

“the saintly days of yore” means the older, more. nobler times.

What does you look stately mean?

English Language Learners Definition of stately : very impressive in appearance, manner, or size.

What is a stately woman?

(steɪtli ) adjective. Something or someone that is stately is impressive and graceful or dignified.

What does yore mean?

time past and especially long past: time past and especially long past —usually used in the phrase of yore.

What holler means?

To holler is “to shout,” extended to “say hello” or “hit on” in Black English. In Appalachian English, a holler refers to a “hollow,” or mountain valley.