Quick Answer: How Do You Use A Tim Hortons E Gift Card?

Can I check my Tim Hortons gift card balance online?

The balance on your Tim Card can be checked anytime at participating restaurants, online or by calling 1-866-TIM-CARD (846-2273).

No purchase is necessary to check your balance.

To check the balance online, you will need the 16-digit card number as well as the scratch-off security PIN number on the back of the card..

How do I check my gift card balance?

Store Cards You can view your store card balance by checking the company website or by calling the number on the back of your card.

Can you send an e gift card?

Email an eGift card to friends, family, or yourself! Buy an eGift card from GiftCards.com and earn G-Money* points on select brands. eGift cards are bought online and emailed to the recipient. Choose eGift cards from brands like Best Buy®, The Home Depot, Target, Buy Buy Baby, and more!

How do I redeem my Tim Hortons eGift card?

Online redemption with the App Add the eGift Card’s balance into the Tim Hortons App by tapping the main menu icon, then selecting My Tim’s Balance, then selecting Transfer a Tim Card balance. Type in the two sets of numbers listed on the eGift Card.

Can I send a Tim Hortons gift card by email?

Once you’ve designed your card, choose your denomination and add a personalized message. Select the delivery method (Email, Print or Text).

How do you spend an e gift card?

E-Gift Cards work just like regular Gift Cards, however, a digital card with a code is emailed to the recipient. A copy of the E-Gift Card will also be sent to the purchaser as confirmation that the email was sent. E-Gift Cards are used just like regular Gift Cards online or in stores.

How do I check my Canadian Tire gift card balance?

Check the Balance on Your Canadian Tire Gift Card Get your Canadian Tire gift card balance by calling customer service at 1 (800) 387-8803. Once you know your balance, you can also sell your Canadian Tire gift card on CardSwap.ca.

How do I check my Tim Hortons rewards?

Create an account or sign in via the Tim Hortons app. Go to the Scan tab, click the link below your barcode, and enter the twelve-digit code found on the back of your card. Don’t have a physical card? No sweat.

Can you send someone an e gift card?

From the main menu on GiftCards.com, select eGifts. From there, you’ll see a variety of gift cards including Visa and other top store brand gift cards. Select the digital gift card you want to send.

Where can you use an eGift card?

Visa egift cards are only usable online, over the phone, by mail-order or any place that a physical card is not required.

Can you send a Tim Hortons gift card?

Buy a Tim Card Buy and send a digital Tim Card or personalized Tim Card. Makes a perfect gift for a friend or yourself!

Where can I buy Tim Horton gift cards?

Amazon.com: Tim Hortons gift card.

How do you use a digital Tim Card?

Under “Account”, click Payment Methods. Then, select your payment method (credit/debit card or Apple Pay) to load a balance onto your digital Tim Card®. You can use this balance to pay for your in-restaurant orders and your mobile orders.

Can I check the balance on my Tim Hortons card?

To check the balance of your TimCard® please call 1‑866‑TIM‑CARD (846‑2273).