Quick Answer: How Do You Take Apart A Kohler Faucet?

How do you take apart a Kohler single handle faucet?

Replace the Valve in a Single Handle FaucetTurn off the water to the faucet.Remove the plug button from the handle (Fig.

Loosen the screw underneath the plug button to remove the handle (Fig.

Unscrew the bonnet counterclockwise to expose the valve and the mounting nut; the bonnet should remove easily by hand (Fig.More items….

How do you open a Kohler faucet head?

To remove the aerator, line up an adjustable wrench with the flats on the spray face and turn the wrench counterclockwise (Fig. 2). An adjustable wrench is the best tool for the job as other tools will damage the flats on the spray face.

Do Kohler faucets have a lifetime warranty?

Kohler Co. warrants its Faucets* manufactured after January 1, 1997, to be leak and drip free during normal residential use for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns his or her home.

How do you remove a screwless faucet handle?

With the water shut off from the shut-off valves remove the handles. To do this you must locate a screw that is usually hidden beneath a decorative cap. Gently pry the cap off with a metal nail-file or flathead screwdriver. With the screw exposed unscrew it and lift off the handle.

How do you remove the handle from a sink faucet?

If your faucet has a decorative cap, pry off the cap with a small flathead screwdriver, then remove the handle screw with a Phillips screwdriver. If your faucet has a setscrew, remove the setscrew with an Allen wrench. Pull straight up on the handle to remove it from the faucet body.

How do I fix my Kohler Devonshire faucet?

Remove the Handles for the Devonshire Bathroom FaucetHold the handle with one hand. Using your other hand, turn the skirt, the decorative flared piece below the handle, counterclockwise. … Remove any remaining components to expose the valve. Set all parts aside for re-use.The valve can now be replaced or other repairs made.Reassemble handle parts in reverse order.

How do I remove the bonnet from my Kohler faucet?

Remove the Bonnet and HandleTurn the water supply OFF.Turn the handle to the ON position to relieve pressure.Loosen the setscrew and remove the handle.Use a flat-blade screwdriver to lift and remove the bonnet from the faucet body.The valve is now accessible for servicing.

How do you remove a hidden aerator without a tool?

Remove a Cache Aerator Without a Key If a tool becomes necessary, try using a knife from your kitchen drawer. A flat-head screwdriver will also probably work if you wedge the tip into one of the notches and push.

How do you replace a Kohler faucet?

To remove a Kohler kitchen faucet completely, you’ll need to disconnect the supply lines (with the water off, of course). Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew these, and then reach under and behind the sink basins to feel for the screws that hold the faucet to the counter via a large washer.