Question: What Is The Best Definition Of Quality?

What is the ISO definition of quality?

The term “quality” has a relative meaning.

This is expressed by the ISO definition: “The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs”.

Consequently, this aspect of quality is usually left to the discretion of the laboratory..

What is quality one word?

Noun. quality, property, character, attribute mean an intelligible feature by which a thing may be identified. quality is a general term applicable to any trait or characteristic whether individual or generic.

What is quality quizlet?

Definition of Quality. -Characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs and a product or service that is free of defects. -The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of standard of level. -Superiority of …

What is the modern definition of quality?

A modern definition of quality derives from Juran’s “fitness for intended use.” This definition basically says that quality is “meeting or exceeding customer expectations.” Deming states that the customer’s definition of quality is the only one that matters. … Internal customers are often forgotten or taken for granted.

What are the three levels of quality?

The levels of quality that the authors talk about are:Acceptable quality.Appropriate quality.Aspirational quality.

What are the 7 principles of quality management?

These principles are as follows:1) Customer focus. … 2) Leadership. … 3) Engagement of people. … 4) Process approach. … 5) Improvement. … 6) Evidence-based decision making. … 7) Relationship management.

What are characteristics of quality?

Quality as a gap not as an absolute The inherent characteristics of a product or service created to satisfy customer needs, expectations and requirements are quality characteristics. Physical and functional characteristics such as weight, shape, speed, capacity, reliability, portability, taste etc.

What is the best definition of quality quizlet?

Quality has two meanings: 1. The characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. 2. A product or service free of deficiencies.

Who in an organization has responsibility for quality?

The quality of the product is dependent on the quality of the process, input material, the equipment, staff, systems, data, etcetera. So, everybody is responsible for a part of the cake… Short answer: personnel performing work affecting conformity to product requirements are responsible for Quality.

Why is it often difficult to evaluate make or buy decisions?

Why is it often difficult to evaluate make-or-buy decisions? Most managers do not think it necessary to do so. What should be done if a make-or-buy analysis indicates two labor hours daily can be reduced with a convenience food product, and the decision is implemented because of money should be saved?

How Quality is important?

Quality is critical to satisfying your customers and retaining their loyalty so they continue to buy from you in the future. Quality products make an important contribution to long-term revenue and profitability. They also enable you to charge and maintain higher prices.

What is an example of quality?

Quality is a judgment of how excellent something or someone is. An example of quality is a product that won’t break easily. An example of quality is a well-made product. The character of a vowel sound determined by the size and shape of the oral cavity and the amount of resonance with which the sound is produced.

What is quality in your own words?

Quality could be defined as a basic tool for a natural property of any good or service that allows it to be compared with any other good or service of its kind. The word quality has many meanings, but basically, it refers to the set of inherent properties of an object that allows satisfying stated or implied needs.

What is the full meaning of quality?

noun, plural qual·i·ties. an essential or distinctive characteristic, property, or attribute: the chemical qualities of alcohol. character or nature, as belonging to or distinguishing a thing: the quality of a sound. … high grade; superiority; excellence: wood grain of quality.