Question: Are Freestanding Tubs A Trend?

Are freestanding tubs going out of style?

The freestanding bathtub is a current bathroom remodeling trend that may soon be going out of style.

Freestanding bathtubs are also very heavy and may require a reinforced floor.

Doorless showers.

A doorless shower may increase the amount of floor space in your bathroom, but it also creates a problem with humidity..

Who makes the best freestanding tubs?

Best Freestanding Tubs of 2020Pelham & White Luxury Vintage Tub. … Woodbridge 54 Inch Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub. … Woodbridge Whirlpool Freestanding Bathtub. … Wyndham Collection Soho 60-Inch Freestanding Bathtub. … Empava 67-Inch Luxury Freestanding Bathtub. … FerdY 59” Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub.More items…•

Should I get a freestanding tub?

Freestanding tubs are meant to be walked around on all four sides. For this reason, they require more space in the bathroom than an alcove tub of the same size. However, because they can be placed anywhere and do not need the presence of a water wall, they give you more flexibility in how your bathroom is laid out.

The 2020 Bathroom Trends You Don’t Want to Miss Brass Finishes. Laurey Glenn Photography. … Deep Soaking Tubs. Seth Caplan. … Integrated Lighting. Carmel Brantley and Stephen Kent Johnson. … Marbelized Wallpaper. Courtesy of Rayman Boozer. … Travertine. Courtesy of Marika Meyer. … Framed Mirrors. … Unusual Marble. … Black Tubs.More items…•

Can you put a freestanding bath in a small bathroom?

A freestanding bath adds a luxurious feel and a certain sense of panache to any space. So if you still want a separate tub and shower enclosure in your bathroom, but don’t quite have the space to get away with it, then a compact freestanding tub might be just what you need.