How Much Does A Roof Cost For A 2000 Sq Ft House?

When should I replace my asphalt roof?

In general, this is the recommended replacement schedule based on the material used:Composition Shingles: 12-20 years.Asphalt Shingles: 15-30 years.Wood Shingles: 20-25 years.Rubber Roofs: 30-50 years.Metal Roofs: 50-75 years..

How much does a 2000 square foot roof cost?

The average cost to replace an asphalt roof is $7,211 for an average 2,000 square foot home. Most homeowners spend between $4,707 and $10,460, or $400 to $550 per square depending on the size and material of your roof.

How much does it cost to roof a 2400 square foot house?

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cost Calculator – National AveragesRoof SizeRoof TypeLow End $1,600 sq ftMetal Roofing$5,100,2,000 sq ftMetal Roofing$6,4002,400 sq ftMetal Roofing$9,5003,000 sq ftMetal Roofing$8,9002 more rows•Apr 29, 2020

How much does a metal roof cost for a 2000 sq ft house?

Residential Metal Roof Cost EstimatorSquare Footage of HomeRoof Cost*1,600$7,000-$24,0001,700$7,500-$25,0002,000$8,500-$29,5003,000$13,000-$45,0003 more rows

How many bundles of shingles do I need for a 2000 square foot house?

60 bundlesThe number of bundles or squares you need will depend on the surface area of your roof, and its pitch or slope. For example, a 2,000 square foot roof will require 20 squares or 60 bundles. A professional will likely purchase slightly more materials than necessary to ensure there is extra material if needed.

How long does an asphalt roof last?

about 20 yearsSlate, copper and tile roofs can last more than 50 years. Homeowners with wood shake roofs should expect them to last about 30 years, while fiber cement shingles last about 25 years and asphalt shingle/composition roofs last about 20 years, the NAHB found.

How many bundles of shingles do I need for 1000 square feet?

Since there are twenty six shingles in a bundle of twenty year shingles (which is fine for starters and edges), divide the result by twenty six. For the number of ridge caps, multiply the length of the hip or ridge by twelve and divide it by five. This house is 1000 square feet. It requires 18 squares of shingles.

How much does a new roof cost 2019?

Replacing a roof costs, on average, $5,250-$10,500 with the average homeowner spending around $7,875 on replacing 1,500 sq. ft. of roof with asphalt shingles on a 2 story roof with a chimney.

How long does a 30 year roof really last?

The truth is, a 30-year shingle will not really last 30 years. The expected service life of a 30-year product, if properly cared for, is approximately 25 years. If it’s not cared for properly, that 30 year shingle will only last 12 to 15 years.

Is a 50 year roof worth it?

It’s one of the most common questions people ask when it’s time to replace their roof: Are 50-year shingles worth the money? And like most questions, our answer is simple. … In most cases, 50-year shingles won’t improve on resale value of a home over 25- or 30-year shingles.

How do you estimate a roofing job?

Step 1: Get Clear on the Scope of Work. … Step 2: Measure the Roof. … Step 3: Estimate Material Cost. … Step 4: Estimate Labor Costs. … Step 5: Calculate Your Overhead Costs. … Step 6: Tally All Roofing Costs. … Step 7: Add Your Markup for Desired Profits. … Step 8: Bid the Roofing Job.

How do I get homeowners insurance to pay for my roof?

How to Get Homeowners Insurance to Pay for a Roof ReplacementKnow Your Roofing Insurance Coverage. … Document the Damage and Contact Your Insurance Company. … Research Roofing Companies and Hire the Most Reputable. … Beware of Insurance Scams and Storm Chasers. … Take the Appropriate Next Steps in Your Roof Replacement Claim. … Contact Westfall Roofing for Your Repair and Replacement Needs.