How Do I Insert An Em Dash In Excel?

How do you make an em dash in Windows?

On Windows it’s…

less simple: you need to use an alt code to get an em dash.

If you have a numeric keyboard, hold down the Alt key and type 0151 for an em dash or 0150 for an en dash..

How do you use double dash in a sentence?

Double dashes are used instead of commas (or parentheses) to interrupt a sentence. The phrase separated by dashes must be grammatically inessential, by which I simply mean that the sentence will still work without that phrase.

How do you insert special characters in InDesign?

Insert special charactersUsing the Type tool, position the insertion point where you want to insert a character.Choose Type > Insert Special Character, and then select an option from any of the categories in the menu.

How do you type em spaces?

One way is to type either 2002 (for an en space) or 2003 (for an em space) and then immediately press Alt+X. The codes are converted to the desired spaces. Another method is to hold down the Alt key as you type 8194 (for an en space) or 8195 (for an em space).

What is the purpose of an em dash?

Definition: The em dash (sometimes just called a dash) is used to set off information from the rest of the sentence, and mimics or copycats other more formal punctuation marks. It is often used in place of colons or semicolons. It is also common to use a pair of em dashes to replace parentheses or a pair of commas.

How do I insert an em dash?

Hold down the [Alt] key and type 0151 on the numeric keypad. Choose Symbol from the Insert menu, click the Special Characters tab, highlight the em dash, and click Insert.

How do you put a dash in Excel instead of 0?

Microsoft Excel – display a dash (-) instead of a zero Go to the Accounting section, then from the Symbol dropdown, click None. Click OK. A dash will be displayed instead of a zero.

Where is the em dash on my keyboard?

3. 1. Inserting an em-dash in WordFor Mac: press “option+shift+hyphen key”. … For desktop PC: press “alt+ctrl+minus” on the numeric keypad (the number section on the far right of your keyboard).More items…

How do you create an em dash in Photoshop?

Option + – (hyphen or minus sign) creates an en dash on the Mac. On Windows the shortcut is Alt + 0150. Option + Shift + – (hyphen or minus sign) creates an em dash on the Mac. On Windows the shortcut is Alt + 0151.

How do you put an accent over a letter in InDesign?

As you can see, working with special characters and punctuation in InDesign is simple with the Glyphs Panel.Open a document in Adobe InDesign and select a letter.Choose Windows > Type and Tables > Glyphs to see all the glyphs.Double-click the desired glyph to apply it.More items…•

How do I put a dash in text in Excel?

Add hyphen between words by Text to Column and formulaSelect the data list you want to add hyphens, and click Data > Text to Columns.In the first step of Convert Text to Columns wizard, check Delimited option, and click Next > to step 2 of the Wizard, and check Space option under Delimiters section.More items…

How do you create an em dash in Illustrator?

The Em Dash has no space on either side. Like the en dash the em dash is not visible on keyboard and must be activated. The shortcut is Option + Shift + Hyphen or you can go to Type > Insert Special Character > Hyphens and Dashes > Em Dash.

How do you use an em dash example?

Use em dashes in place of commas or parentheses to create a break in a sentence. Examples: Please call my lawyer—Richard Smith—on Tuesday. This sentence could also be written with commas or parentheses.

Which character is used in text formula?

Text functions (reference)FunctionDescriptionTRIM functionRemoves spaces from textUNICHAR functionReturns the Unicode character that is references by the given numeric valueUNICODE functionReturns the number (code point) that corresponds to the first character of the textUPPER functionConverts text to uppercase28 more rows

How do I merge two cells in Excel with a dash?

Here are the detailed steps:Select a cell where you want to enter the formula.Type =CONCATENATE( in that cell or in the formula bar.Press and hold Ctrl and click on each cell you want to concatenate.Release the Ctrl button, type the closing parenthesis in the formula bar and press Enter.

How do you use an M Dash?

The em dash can be used in place of a colon when you want to emphasize the conclusion of your sentence. The dash is less formal than the colon. After months of deliberation, the jurors reached a unanimous verdict⁠—guilty. The white sand, the warm water, the sparkling sun⁠—this is what brought them to Fiji.

What is Dash used for in writing?

· Grammar. A dash is a little horizontal line that floats in the middle of a line of text (not at the bottom: that’s an underscore). It’s longer than a hyphen and is commonly used to indicate a range or a pause. Dashes are used to separate groups of words, not to separate parts of words like a hyphen does.