Do Tim Hortons Points Expire?

Do Tim Hortons rewards expire?

Your reward will always apply to your 8th item unless the order is made via the Tim Hortons mobile app, which gives you the option of either redeeming or banking the reward for future use.

You can bank up to a maximum of five rewards, though unused rewards expire after 120 days..

What does bank my points mean Tim Hortons?

A: TimCard is a separate program from Tims Rewards. Loading a TimCard doesn’t count as a purchase towards Tims Rewards. However, if you pay for any purchase with a TimCard, it does count as a purchase towards your rewards if you scan the Tim Hortons app at the time of purchase.

How do I check my Tim Hortons balance?

You can check your card’s remaining balance at a participating Tim Hortons restaurant, by calling 1-866-TIM-CARD (846-2273) or going online.

What’s the best drink at Tim Hortons?

The Amount of Caffeine in Tim Hortons’ Most Popular DrinksLatte. Surprisingly, a latte from Tim Hortons will give you the most caffeine compared to any other drink. … Original Roast Coffee. … Dark Roast Coffee. … Café Mocha. … Iced Capp. … Iced Coffee. … Brewed Tea.

How do I add my Tims Rewards card to my wallet?

However, you can add your digital Tims® Rewards card to your Apple Wallet (iOS) or Google Pay (Android). This way, if you’re ever unable to connect to the Internet, you can scan your barcode to collect and redeem Rewards. To do this, click the “Scan” tab and click “Add to Digital Wallet”.

How do I use a Tim Hortons gift card?

The TimCard® is reloadable by simply presenting your card at a participating Tim Hortons restaurant and asking a Team Member to reload it with whatever dollar amount you choose. If the card is registered, you can also reload online or with your mobile device using a credit card.

How many points do you need for Tims rewards?

10 PointsPoints are the base unit of Tims Rewards. Tims Rewards members earn 10 Points for each eligible purchase. Get a reward for as little as 50 Points on a Classic or Specialty Donut or spend as many as 220 Points on a Chicken Wrap – the choice is yours!

Does Tim Hortons have senior discounts?

Tim Hortons’ Senior Discount Policy – First Quarter Finance Most Tim Hortons locations offer a 10% senior discount, but, because locations are independently owned and operated, not all do.

Does Tim Hortons have free refills?

Sadly, no free refills, and their lids for their hot coffee spill too easily. … Tim Horton’s is more of a fast food kind of atmosphere, better for when you need a quick drink that tastes better than instant or generic restaurant coffee. They offer few condiments other than say milk/cream and sugar (or Splenda).

How do I claim my Tim Hortons rewards?

Follow these easy steps to register and link your physical card:Download Tim Hortons app to register.Click on “Details”Scroll down to type in your 12-digit physical card number.Click “Link my card”Choose your reward level on the “Redeem” tab.Start earning rewards with your app!

What can you redeem with Tims rewards?

Your Tims Rewards can be redeemed for almost anything you get at Tim Hortons, including coffee, tea, iced caps, bagels, timbits, sandwiches, and chili.

Can you bring your own cup to Tim Hortons?

If you being a reusable cup to Tim Hortons they will fill a regular cup then pour it into your reusable cup then throw out the cup they used. … Customers have also said that even if the Tim Hortons employees do fill the reusable cup directly they still use a plastic stir-stick, which also creates waste.

Are refills free at Mcdonalds Canada?

Did you know that McDonald’s Canada offers FREE refills? Enjoy one FREE refill with the purchase of any size hot premium roast coffee.

How do I redeem my Tim Hortons Roll Up app?

How do I claim my prizes? All Food & beverage prizes are available in the Rewards and Offers section in your Tims Rewards app. You can find this on the “Home” tab below the “Scan for Tims Rewards” and “Scan to Pay” buttons. Once activated, these prizes can be claimed until June 11, 2020.

How can I open a Tim Hortons?

In order to open a Tim Hortons restaurant franchise, you must have a net worth of more than $700,000. Appreciate the investment required for a franchise. You will need to consider real estate costs, the cost of equipment and signs, the costs of licenses and permits, the cost of uniforms, the cost of insurance, etc.

How do Tim Hortons points work?

Points are the base unit of Tims Rewards and will replace visits in the new program. Tims Rewards members earn 10 Points for each eligible purchase. Spend as little as 60 Points on a Specialty Donut or spend as many as 240 Points on a Chicken Wrap – the choice is yours!

How do I redeem my digital roll up the rim?

The spokesperson added, “To activate the winning roll, guests need to open the app, scroll down on the home screen to ‘Rewards and Offers’ and click ‘Activate Offer’. The winning roll will be redeemed on their next purchase containing the item. ”